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Опубликовано: 25.05.2020

Sound insulation materials are used to isolate the premises from the spread of material (shock) sound transfer. Unlike sound absorbing materials, these materials remain virtually hidden from view. state in the form of cushioning layers in structures. They are usually placed in the construction of internal walls. (partitions) and floors of buildings, see cheap youtube views panel. They are located between the outer shells (panels, shields, etc. ). being in a free (not compressed) or even suspended state (for example, suspended mats). Some compression of the soundproofing layer is possible, for example, between the supporting panels of the ceiling and floor construction on an elastic foundation.

Sound insulation is always associated with the nature of the design, and not just with the structure and property of the material, as in case of sound absorption. It does not remain constant when changing the structure of the structure, its size and weight, stiffness of the bonds in the design, the nature of the contact and support of the structural elements. If designs homogeneous, for example in the form of a continuous plate, capable under the influence of sound pressure and sound vibrations make oscillatory movements with all its mass, then, as noted above, sound insulation increases with an increase in the mass of a homogeneous structure. This increase is slow, in proportion to decimal the logarithm of its mass. If the structures are heterogeneous, consist of two or more shells, with foreign interlayers between them, the vibrations of each shell under the influence of a sound wave are different and they gradually "Quenched" in the design. Interferences in the sound and noise are facilitated by interlayers of foreign material in the form of granular backfill, fibrous and porous plates or in the form of continuous air interlayers. It is also important that there are no rigid bonds between the walls separated by interlayers, since they then oscillate as a whole and effect Sound attenuation will not occur. That is why the use of fences made of slabs or blocks with ordinary voids (and not in the form of resonators) does not increase sound insulation, which, as in other rigid structures, determined only by the mass of the fence. Laminated structures formed by a good sound insulation effect from several layers of various materials, significantly differing in density and stiffness. An important characteristic of the quality of the cushioning material is its rigidity, which, firstly, designed to compensate for the absence of rigid bonds between the walls in heterogeneous structures, and secondly, repay shock sound vibrations more.