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Обслуживание бассейнов в Черногории

Опубликовано: 29.08.2019

видео обслуживание бассейнов в Черногории

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A person must go into the shower before entering the pool. This is necessary to enter the water clean, wash away the dirt, smells of a working day and just freshen up. But the main thing is that the pool is qualitatively serviced by special services from Montenegro. For those who live in Montenegro and have a pool, you should know what is best pool maintenance in Montenegro http://montelgroup.me/en is performed by the company, to the site of which the link highlighted in this article leads. Water in them is most often chlorinated in order to prevent the spread of infections. Shower after the pool will help to wash off bleach.

Do not come without a slap. Do not throw flip flops

It is customary to enter the pool premises in rubber flip flops. Firstly, this is the rule of hygiene, and secondly - safety (it is more difficult to slip in slaps on slippery floors). “Of course, you won’t be kicked out without a slap. But they can make a comment,” said the expert PROSPORT.

Flip flops need to be carefully folded at the descent to the water. Randomly scattering removable shoes on bypass paths around the pool - bad taste.

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