How to charge the tablet from yusb. How to charge the tablet without charging - useful tips

  1. Cigarette lighter
  2. Charging the tablet using a USB cable
  3. Charge the tablet by charging from another device
  4. Availability of a spare battery
  5. New charger
  6. Portable tablet battery
  7. USB cable
  8. Car cigarette lighter
  9. External battery
  10. Manual charging
  11. Wind strength
  12. AA batteries
  13. Three in one
  14. Video instruction
  15. Why no one knows how much to charge the tablet?
  16. Battery types
  17. How to charge the tablet: Video
  18. Temperature effect
  19. Water

If the user knows how to charge the tablet without charging, he is not afraid of situations in which the mobile device becomes inoperative. It should be noted that, on average, a tablet computer lasts for 8–10 hours of continuous work. This time depends on many factors, including the battery capacity, the technical parameters of the gadget, the size of the display and the technology that formed the basis for the details of the tablet. Battery life and battery life can also affect battery life. In any case, situations arise in which it is not possible to charge the device after 8–10 hours of continuous operation.

Difficulties may accompany users on a long journey, or in the event of loss or violation of the integrity of the native charger. If it is not possible to connect the tablet to an AC source using the accessory supplied with the gadget, users need to look for alternative ways to resume battery charge. There are many such ways. Each of them will be comfortable in a given situation. Of course, alternative methods will help out in unforeseen situations, so we recommend each owner of a mobile device to take note of them.

Popular ways to charge your tablet without a charger

To all owners of tablets that lead an active lifestyle, we recommend purchasing a universal one. Such devices often have a very large capacity, which can be 100,000 mAh. The principle of operation of such a battery is incredibly simple. It should be pre-charged through a network connection. After that, the device can be taken with you - in case you need to recharge the battery. Portable charger connects to all mobile devices via USB connection.

It should be noted that in most cases the capacity of an external battery lasts for several charging cycles. Moreover, such devices can be equipped with special terminals for charging the car battery. Such an accessory is definitely very comfortable on long journeys. When buying it is worth paying attention to such a characteristic as current strength. For tablets, the optimal rate will be 2-2.5 A, and for smartphones - 1.2-2 A.

Users can select a suitable model of external battery for their design, color and size. If you plan to often carry it with you, pay attention to weight and dimensions. To date, there is a huge selection of such devices, and the price for them is quite affordable. It is safe to say that this is the most common way with which you can charge the tablet without a charger.

Cigarette lighter

You can charge the tablet without charging, using also the vehicle's cigarette lighter. In this case, an important condition must be met - the presence of a special cable. Before charging the tablet in this way, you need to make sure that the voltage and amperage are correct. Among the advantages of this method include the availability of charging during travel, mobility, portability.

Among the shortcomings we identified the following: the need for additional purchase of a special cable, low charging current, additional load on the machine generator. Despite the disadvantages, charging from the cigarette lighter is also quite a popular way.

Surely, each of us at least once faced with the fact that the tablet is discharged at the very moment when you can not do without it, and there is no way to charge it with original charging. What to do in this case? There are several ways to solve the problem of charging the tablet without charging.
In order to charge your tablet, you may need the following devices:

  • USB cable;
  • charging from any other device;
  • new battery.

Charging the tablet using a USB cable

Included with each tablet is a USB cable that can be connected to any personal computer . After you do this, you need to leave the tablet charging from your PC for about 40 minutes.

Charge the tablet by charging from another device

You can charge your tablet charger for example from some mobile phone without any problems. You just need to make sure that the connector of the tablet coincides with charging. If not, then you should not do this and try to somehow connect the charger, as this can lead to damage, both charging and the tablet itself.

Availability of a spare battery

This option is best for those who are going on a long trip. In order to save yourself from worries about the discharge of the tablet, you should buy a spare battery that you can replace at any time convenient for you. In addition, this option is suitable not only for the tablet, but also for a digital camera.

New charger

If all of the above methods do not suit you, you can purchase a new charger for your gadget. This option will completely save you from any trouble. Buy new original charging You can at various service centers for servicing such devices.

Portable tablet battery

Recently, people are increasingly using portable chargers. Such charges have many advantages, for example, the ability to charge the tablet at any time convenient for you, as well as the compactness of such a portable battery. This charge has a very compact size and easily fits even in a small handbag. You can purchase such a device in various online stores.

To charge any gadget without charging you can easily. We have listed for you a few of the most common ways. Which one to choose is up to you!

If you like to take a tablet on the road, you probably faced a common problem - the battery is close to zero, and you do not have a charger. Or there is no power outlet nearby. In this situation, you need to know how to charge the tablet without charging. There are many ways to replenish the energy of your gadget.

USB cable

If the charger is not at hand, you can use a usb cable. Connect it to another power source. It does not matter if it is connected to the network. The main thing is that his battery is not discharged.

So, if you have a usb cord, you can connect the tablet to the following devices:

  • A laptop
  • Computer
  • TV equipped with a usb - input
  • DVD player that can play recordings from a flash drive
  • Another tablet, if there is an adapter cable
  • Smartphone

USB charging takes more long time than when you connect the tablet to the outlet.

USB charging takes more   long time   than when you connect the tablet to the outlet

Car cigarette lighter

In the cigarette lighter socket should install a USB - connector. A tablet is connected to it via cable.

This method of charging is convenient for those who spend a lot of time in the car. The driver will always be able to control the charge level of the tablet. And it is very important during long journeys.

External battery

The emergence of autonomous power sources for tablets has become a revolution in the world of technology. Now everyone can buy a battery of the required capacity, charge it at home and carry it around.

As soon as the tablet says it needs extra energy, connect a power source to it. This is done with a usb cable.

Today, you can find a similar source of energy in any online store or salon of communication. Manufacturers spend a lot of effort to create unique designs of external batteries. You can choose the color and shape that is right for you.

Today, autonomous batteries are in great demand. These are leaders in the list of gifts to colleagues and friends. It’s safe to say that every tablet owner should have such a useful gadget. It can be taken on a hike or on a business trip.

Manual charging

Relatively recently, modern dynamos have appeared on the market, which can replenish the energy reserves of the tablet. To do this, you need to connect the device through the cable and start turning a special pen.

We all remember the flashlights, working as a result of moving the lever. They do not need finger-type batteries. These are analogs of manual charging for the tablet.

You will not be able to fully charge the device using a dynamo. To do this, turn the handle more than 6 hours. This method of obtaining energy is suitable for emergency cases. A portable dynamo can be taken on a hike or a long road.

A portable dynamo can be taken on a hike or a long road

Now popular devices that charge the battery of the tablet using solar energy. They are of different types and forms, but they are united by the presence of photovoltaic cells. To start the charging process, x should be placed under the stream of sunlight.

There are two types of solar panels:

  • In the form of a smartphone. They are sold with usb cables and various adapters
  • In the form of a folding folder. It can be expanded and hung on a backpack so that the tablet is charged during the hike. Often, these folders are made from water-repellent material. They are able to change shape and bend.

Tourists often hang up the photocells on their backpack so that the devices recharge during the journey.

Tourists often hang up the photocells on their backpack so that the devices recharge during the journey

If you go on a long hike, in advance, take care of purchasing solar charge for the tablet.

But such a device has one drawback, it only works during the day. After all, if it is dark outside, then the energy of the sun is absent. But experts have solved this problem by developing a solar charger with a lithium built-in battery. It incandescent energy, which can then be used even in the dark.

Wind strength

After seriously thinking about the future of the planet, scientists decided to develop as many safe forms of energy production as possible. We have already mentioned the dynamo and the solar battery. Also in this list, you can include wind turbines that can charge the tablet using wind flow.

The device is a small box with a fan inside. It connects to the tablet via usb cable. The blades begin to spin on the force of the wind currents. The battery is charging.

But there is a small problem. It lies in the fact that in calm weather it will be difficult to recharge the gadget.

It lies in the fact that in calm weather it will be difficult to recharge the gadget

If you like cycling or riding a motorcycle, attach the included wind generator on the belt or on the steering wheel. An extra whirlwind that creates a fast motion will cause the fan to spin. And you can charge the tablet.

There are also portable wind turbines, made in the form of small wind turbines. They have a base and three blades with sharp corners. Such a wind generator simply fits in the trunk of the car. You can take it on a trip so that the battery of your tablet is always full.

AA batteries

There is a device that can recharge the tablet battery with finger batteries. It is made in the form of a rectangular box into which the batteries are inserted. Then the usb cable is connected.

The device will not charge the tablet completely, but it is quite possible to turn it on for a while to get important information.

Three in one

Also on sale you can find the wonders of technology that combine several types of charge for the tablet. For example, it can be a solar battery, a dynamo and an external battery at the same time.

Such gadgets usually have instructors who accompany tourists in difficult trips. The multipurpose device will charge the tablet, even if it is night at night, and the external battery is zero.

If the tablet is discharged, and there is no charger, do not panic. There are many ways to charge a tablet. To prevent such a situation, make sure that there is always a gadget in your bag that will help you recharge your tablet battery.

Video instruction

The network is full of tips on how to properly charge the tablet, but, nevertheless, 90% of the answers boil down to the fact that there are two opinions on this issue. The authors themselves do not bother to search for the right answer, but leave the final decision to the reader, without giving an answer to the question, continuing the article with several tips. The whole point of the question is that supposedly no one knows how to properly charge the tablet.

They say that some advise to charge up to 100% and completely discharge, while others say that the charge capacity should be between 40-70%. Therefore, the first thing you need to dispel the myth.

Why no one knows how much to charge the tablet?

In fact, there are people who know how to properly use the battery. Simply, it is so elementary that this question is not raised in the relevant circles. And on the forums of electronics engineers for such questions just laugh. So, how much to charge the tablet, all the same? Charge, like a smartphone, you need when you want, keeping the charge capacity in the range of 20-80%. The explanation will be below. I would like to add here also the fact that a monthly discharge of the device to 0%, followed by charging to 100%, is also impossible. Fortunately, modern devices are equipped with a controller that does not allow embodying false advice. Because of the latter, the gadget does not hold charging in less than a year, because of which it is necessary to replace it.

Battery types

Prove the correctness of the judgments, where in passing it will become clear why such a two-digitity turned out, by comparing two types of batteries. The first type, which appeared long before the tablets and phones, are common AA batteries, AAA and the like. They are made mainly on the basis of nickel and cadmium. Even now, they constantly meet in cameras and other household appliances.

It is the above-mentioned batteries that “suffer” from the memory effect, which is why they must be cared for It is the above-mentioned batteries that “suffer” from the memory effect, which is why they must be cared for. Once a month they need to be discharged and charged, even if they are not used. For storage, the charge level must be within 40%. Knowing this, some people began to argue that they also need to do with tablet computers.

Tablets, like all modern devices, have a lithium-ion battery. Him full discharge or charging leads to "stress." Do so in any case impossible. The battery must be constantly semi-charged - from 20 to 80%. The best option is to constantly recharge the device when the capacity reaches 50%.

How to charge the tablet: Video

How to charge the tablet via usb?

To charge the device via USB, you just need to connect it to the appropriate interface. To charge the device via USB, you just need to connect it to the appropriate interface No settings do not need, both on the gadget and on the computer. In addition, there are many adapters for usb: network adapters , cigarette lighter in the car, an adapter for AAA batteries and so on. You can also charge your tablet with a wireless charger that you find. Here it is important to know how much you need to charge the tablet, if it does not have a voltage controller that limits charging. The fact is that the adapter or cigarette lighter charges quickly, while from a laptop or an AAA adapter, the device will charge longer than usual. The latter (AAA adapter), however, is often used only when there is a question - how to charge the tablet without charging, as it itself needs to be charged and used during travel, business trips, etc.

In addition, you need not only to know how to charge the tablet from the computer, but also to remember that in the latter USB interfaces are of different types. So, USB 3.0, after turning off the power of the computer, remain connected to the power supply and charge the device. Be careful not to recharge the device.

Temperature effect

The higher the temperature, the faster the battery charges, while it can hold more than usual charge. Do not charge the battery heavily when it is hot outside, even if you have an air conditioner, because going outside will increase the capacity.

The battery is adversely affected by the temperature below zero. If you wear the tablet in the winter, make sure that the cover does not allow the tablet to cool to the outside temperature. This greatly affects the battery and tablet life.


Explanations are irrelevant here, because everyone already understands that water can cause a short circuit. The conversation is about getting in the rain, you need to remove the battery from the device, if it is disassembled. Thus, you will save both the first and second from possible damage.

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